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Holiday cottages in Northern Ireland

Situated in the northernmost part of the island of Ireland, Northern Ireland is a constituent province of the United Kingdom. That it belongs to the UK and not the Republic of Ireland, which occupies the rest of the island has, of course, been a well-known point of contention for a long time. Fortunately, the troubles of this region have subsided and Northern Ireland is once again a peaceful and popular destination for visitors from mainland Britain and elsewhere.

Finding good accommodation in Northern Ireland is no problem. Whether you choose to stay in a comfortable hotel, a cosy cottage, a caravan or even a tent in a camping site, you can enjoy the unique atmosphere of Northern Ireland. There are plenty of hotels and self catering accommodation rental property options available, such as cottages for rent, which, like typical UK cottages, will ensure a comfortable and relaxing stay. Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, is as well-served as any modern city in terms of accommodation for those who prefer a city base, and is a fascinating city to explore.

Counties in Northern Ireland:

Northern Ireland’s most celebrated geological feature, and most popular tourist attraction, is the Giant’s Causeway, composed of impressive, mostly hexagonal, basalt columns that are the remnants of an ancient volcanic eruption. It is located on the northeast coast of County Antrim and is a ‘must-see’ attraction.

Immortalised in countless Irish songs, the Mountains of Mourne ‘sweep down to the sea’ gracefully and majestically. Apart from the area’s natural beauty, the Mountains of Mourne are recognised as an important area for hill-walking and rock climbing. For those who are looking for cottages to rent, don’t forget the importance of the view. A holiday cottage with a view of The Sperrins would be a great choice.

Lough Neagh is the largest lake in the entire British Isles. It’s popular with bird watchers due to the large amount of wading species that can be found in the lough and the surrounding marshy areas. Eel fishing is an important industry around Lough Neagh.

Another record holder, Strangford Lough is the largest sea-inlet in the British Isles. It is a very popular tourist destination and attracts sailing enthusiasts, divers and kayakers. It’s also an important bird-watching area. Several towns are located on its shores, and ferry services operate between the towns of Portaferry and Strangford. Accommodation, including various self catering options, is available in most towns along its shores.

Northern Ireland certainly has more than its fair share of attractions, and since the end of the troubles its natural beauty and character are again being appreciated by visitors from near and far. It’s certainly an area of the UK to consider the next time you need a break.