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Holiday cottages in MILFORD HAVEN, Pembrokeshire

Situated close to the River Cleddau, Milford Haven is one of the most popular destinations is the Pembrokeshire region of Wales. This is a great place to take a short break, and there are plenty of charming cottages to choose from. Milford Haven was established during the Viking era and serves as a thriving fishing port.

This is a great place to dine on freshly caught fish in the evenings while gazing at the river. Visitors who choose to stay in Milford Haven will be able to spend plenty of time wandering through the surrounding countryside. Pembroke Castle is one of the most popular attractions, and this is a great place to get a feel for the town’s long and rich history. Climbing along the castle‚Äôs ramparts also offers impressive views of the entire town and surrounding area.

Art lovers will also want to check out the Dockside Gallery, which contains a collection of arts and crafts created by local artists. Taking a professionally run boat safari along the River Cleddau is also an experience that should not be missed. The sunset trips are particularly popular with young couples and some companies include on board dining, allowing visitors to sample local seafood dishes while soaking up the scenery.