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Holiday cottages in Isle Of Anglesey

As well as being the location of the village with the longest name in the UK (popularly shortened to Llanfair PG), the Isle of Anglesey offers stunning views, attractive beaches and a diverse historical heritage which makes it an incredibly interesting place to explore. The island is easily reached from North Wales across the Menai Bridge. Once there, its relatively small size (the Island has an area of 217 square miles) means picking a single location at which to stay still puts the whole of Anglesey within easy reach by car.

The town of Holyhead is where visitors can catch the ferry over to Ireland. Day trips across to the Emerald Isle are economically priced and it makes sense to take advantage of Anglesey’s close proximity to enjoy some time in Dublin or beyond. Beach enthusiasts will be overwhelmed by the number of quiet coves and inlets which surround the island. Ideal for water sports, the area is also a superb venue for sea fishing. Several local sailors have boats available for hire and many visitors find a day at sea whilst enjoying views across the Strait to the mountains of North Wales makes a perfect holiday pastime.

The Isle of Anglesey has a strong Welsh culture and the language is commonly spoken amongst local people. Public information such as bus timetables and signage is written in both English and Welsh. Although towns such as Beaumaris and Llangefni have all the main services commonly available on the mainland, the beauty of Anglesey lies in its unspoiled countryside and spectacular scenery. With its long association with the druids, megalithic monuments and menhirs, the Island has an engaging sense of mystery and timelessness which is difficult to find elsewhere and in part accounts for its enduring popularity as a holiday location.