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Holiday cottages in Fairbourne, Gwynedd

SH6113 : Fairbourne golf course from the seafrontSH6113 : Estuary from a footpathSH6113 : Entering Fairbourne from the northSH6113 : Towards the embankment pathSH6113 : One of the little railways of WalesSH6112 : Train on Beach Road
If you’re looking for the perfect Welsh holiday, with a sandy beach as close by as a celebrated national park, look no further than Fairbourne. This is a small seaside resort on the west coast of Wales that is surrounded by the praised Snowdonia National Park, home to some of the most attractive countryside in Wales.

With a large mountain range in the backdrop, and the warm, calm sea on the opposite horizon, Fairbourne has got to be one of the most scenic towns in Wales for you to book a holiday cottage in. The Snowdonia National Park is great for all sorts of exciting activities, particularly some for all of the adrenaline junkies out there.

Try some thrilling white-water rafting, or sample some of the challenging mountain biking routes available here. For those who like the outdoors but with a slower approach, why not book some pony trekking through the countryside or perhaps gentle canoeing down the river. There is of course a nice relaxing day on the beach available to all within walking distance from your cosy little holiday cottage in Fairbourne; just make sure you make a list of all the activities you fancy doing here the moment you arrive at your holiday cottage!

SH6113 : Golf Halt, Fairbourne Railway

SH6113 : Dragon's teeth, Fairbourne

SH6113 : View towards Fairbourne Beach