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Holiday cottages in RHAYADER, Powys

SN9768 : A44 direction sign alongside Dark Lane, RhayaderSN9768 : East Street near Police StationSN9768 : Rhayader Museum & Gallery and Tourist InformationSN9768 : Yellow and red, Rhayader Fire StationSN9768 : Rhayader Museum and GallerySN9768 : Yellow clothing and shoes bank near Rhayader Fire Station
Rhayader is a charming town, situated in Radnorshire, on the banks of the river Wye. It is steeped in history, evident in its wealth of traditional architecture, with a number of buildings in the timber framed, black and white style that dates back to the 16th century, yet the town still provides an excellent selection of shops and restaurants.

Once the home of the Welsh princes; Rhayader Castle’s moat is still visible, as are the remains of one of the ancient corn mills that were long ago a familiar site on the river bank.

But it is the breathtaking scenery that makes this part of Wales such a popular holiday destination. The Elan Valley, to the west of the town, comprises a series of reservoirs and dams, nestling in between the rolling green and gold Welsh hills. Only the cries of the Red Kites wheeling overhead break the silence and solitude.

In contrast, the swift and exuberant river Wye skirts the town, providing fishing and canoeing, as well as magnificent walks on the riverside path.

To explore the rich and vibrant heartlands of Wales, Rhayader is the perfect holiday destination.

SN9768 : Rhayader Fire Station training tower

SN9768 : Dark Lane tree and bench, Rhayader

SN9768 : A44 direction sign alongside Dark Lane, Rhayader