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Holiday cottages in Scotland

Scotland is a well-known holiday destination, not just in Britain, but worldwide. Its scenic beauty, rich history and vibrant culture have attracted countless visitors over the years. Many Americans and Canadians can trace their roots back to Scotland, and make a point of visiting the country to see in person the home of their ancestors.

For visitors to Scotland, an increasingly popular choice of accommodation these days is self catering accommodation. The standard of UK cottages available for rent is generally high, and those in Scotland are no exception. Good quality cottages for rent are available in virtually every part of the country, especially in the most scenic locations. The combination of independence, location, convenience and comfort that a rental property, especially a holiday cottage, offers makes them hard to beat when considering what type of accommodation to choose.

As Scotland is quite a small country, it can make a lot of sense to stay in one place and drive or take public transport to other locations. There are plenty of car rental companies around if you can drive but don’t have your own car. It’s the best way to travel any distance, and your cottage will always be ready and waiting for you to come home to.

If you like the idea of renting a holiday cottage, but aren’t sure which location you should stay in, Scotland can be divided into several regions, each having its own unique charms. Just pick the area that most appeals to your particular tastes and interests.

The mountainous north west is the most dramatically beautiful part of the country with mountains, glens and lochs, winter Skiing in the Cairngorms mountain range at Aviemore, hill-walking and mountain climbing around Glen Coe and Ben Nevis, and a whole host of other outdoor pursuits ranging from para-gliding to salmon fishing. Loch Ness Monster hunters have even been known to rent cottages overlooking the loch in the hope of getting a glimpse of ‘Nessie’ from the comfort of their living room or balcony. The north east is home to Balmoral, the Queen’s private royal residence in Scotland. The lush countryside that you see around Balmoral on news pictures is typical of the region. The north east coast, by contrast, is dominated by the oil-rich city of Aberdeen, and to the south is the industrial port city of Dundee.

Further south, in the Central Lowlands, you can find the great cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, both rich in traditional, as well as popular, culture. In contrast with the countryside of the Highlands in the north, the countryside of the Central Lowlands is more gentle and picturesque rather than dramatic. Historically, it’s as dramatic as any part of the country, however. Stirling and Edinburgh, especially, have witnessed great historic battles and tales of heroism and betrayal in equal abundance as a trip to one of the many museums will show.

To the south of the country are the bleak rolling hills of the Southern Uplands, and tucked within them are small villages with quaintly romantic names such as Crawford John and Wanlockhead – home to Wanlockhead Inn, the highest pub in Scotland at over 1,500 feet. Cottages to rent are fewer in this region of the country as it’s not the most popular destination choice for visitors. They are, however, available in greater numbers further south as you approach the border with England.

Scotland’s reputation as a place worth seeing is well deserved. The physical attractions of the country and its dynamic cultural richness kept alive and fresh by its open and friendly people ensure that it will remain so for a long time to come. What better way to immerse yourself in the country than to rent a cottage in a beautiful and tranquil location? Soak up the atmosphere in your own little part of Scotland and, if not already a Scot, feel Scottish, at least for a while.