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Holiday cottages in West Midlands

If you are seeking some of the best self-catering accommodation opportunities in the entire United Kingdom, it is wise to consider booking your next holiday in the West Midlands region. For many, this area is considered to be one of the most diverse, eclectic and historical locations in the entire country. Due to its central location, winters here are manageable while summers are quite balmy and inviting. So, it should be no surprise that the West Midlands offers many cottages to rent each and every year. What can you expect when visiting this location?

One of the primary advantages in regards to committing to a rental property is that the West Midlands is known for its rather pristine nature; particularly in the countryside. The rolling green hills will provide the perfect backdrop for any excursion and if you encounter a cottage far away from urban centres, expect to enjoy a tranquility that only nature can provide. Still, there are several other attractions that should not be missed including the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Sandwell Valley County Park. Even during the tourist season, it is likely that you will be able to find a holiday cottage for your “staycation” in these areas.

Still, the West Midlands is known for much more than its geologic beauty and flora and fauna. There are a number of interesting historical sights that are perfect for the entire family. You and your companions can visit Wightwick Manor, Symphony Hall, Cadbury World and the ancient Dudley Castle (to name but a few sights).

Additionally, renting a holiday cottage will also enable you to enjoy some of the most respected art museums in the country. When planning your itinerary, be certain to include such venues as the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, The New Art Gallery Walsall
and Red House Glass Cone. From historical pieces to contemporary works, these centres are certain not to disappoint.

Although all of these locations are without a doubt enjoyable, it is also reasonable that you simply want to sit back and relax. UK cottages in this area can allow you to pack a picnic, take a stroll amongst ancient forests and catch some amazing panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

These are only a small number of the attractions that the West Midlands has to offer. If you are unsure where to plan your next holiday, it would be wise to take a look at the cottages for rent in this region. With numerous properties to choose from, you will be nearly certain to encounter one that is within your budget while providing memories that will last a lifetime.