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Holiday cottages in Wiltshire

SU0061 : Public Conveniences, Devizes town centreSU1869 : Marlborough features [24]SU1869 : Marlborough houses [42]SU1869 : Kingsbury Street, MarlboroughST7862 : Dundas AqueductSU1362 : Gate at West Stowell
Wiltshire is set in the idyllic countryside, and is the perfect place for a holiday cottage destination with its numerous self-catering properties. The county is rich in history and culture, which is communicated by its many iconic attractions and sites. What’s more, Wiltshire features Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty where you can experience the best of scenery, walks and landscapes in the countryside.

You can visit the great ancient stone circle monuments of Ayebury and Stonehenge, situated within the Salisbury Plain. The monument at Ayebury, built in ancient times, is the largest stone circle in the world, being a quarter of a mile long circle of about 100 stones. Also, the World Heritage Site of Stonehenge is a prehistoric stone monument whose origins remain shrouded in mystery.

The medieval city of Salisbury boasts one of England’s finest 13th century cathedrals. Salisbury Cathedral features extravagant Gothic architecture, beautiful cloisters, a working clock that is the oldest in Europe, and the best preserved original copy of the Magna Carta. The city of Salisbury prides itself in its historical buildings, traditional inns and shops, and beautiful gardens. To add to the experience, you can come at the time of the Salisbury International Arts Festival.

While in Wiltshire, you can also explore Longleat Safari and Adventure Park, the best safari park in the UK. Take a look at the picturesque villages of Castle Combe and Lacock, the site of the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice and some Harry Potter scenes.

SU0061 : Devizes buildings [21]

SU1869 : Grade II listed 22-24 Kingsbury Street, Marlborough

SU0061 : The Brittox, Devizes