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Holiday cottages in Dartmouth, Devon

SX8751 : Dartmouth Fire StationSX8751 : Newport Street, DartmouthSX8751 : Dreams of DartmouthSX8751 : Seale Arms on Victoria Road, DartmouthSX8751 : Studio Dix Neuf in DartmouthSX8751 : 'The Dolphin' - Old Plymouth Breweries livery
Welcome to South Devon! The coast is warm, the countryside is lush and the holiday cottages here are very attractive! Dartmouth is a little town right on the coast, getting the best of the Gulf Stream warmth that the sea provides and enjoying its tightly packed location on the edge of the estuary belonging to the River Dart.

The town looks very inviting from either side of the river banks, with house rising up in tiers along hill sides; it’s colourful and has a bustling and warm atmosphere as people move from little shop to little stall, buying ice cream, souvenirs and other tasty goods! Leave your holiday cottage for the day and visit the Dartmouth Castle or take the kids with you to Paignton Zoo!

The area that encompasses Dartmouth has been awarded status of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and it’s not difficult to see why. Book your holiday cottage in one of Devon’s most popular retreats this summer and enjoy your time in an exciting little coastal town with charisma!

SX8751 : Browns Hill Arts, Dartmouth

SX8751 : Tree of Life

SX8751 : Browns Hill, Dartmouth