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Holiday cottages in Cornwall

SW8032 : Killigrew StSW5537 : Penpol CreekSW7658 : Shop off Holywell RoadSS2207 : Benchend in St Olaf's church, PoughillSW7250 : Shops at PetervilleSX0588 : Tintagel-The Old Post Office
Cornwall is a picturesque county, located in the south-east corner of England. Above its coastline are large cliffs with impressive views of the English Channel and Celtic Sea. The surrounding hills prove a treat for those looking to indulge in the magnificent views.

The area is a popular tourist destination for those travelling from overseas. Many come to view the impressive display of historical sites, country gardens and beautiful scenery. Dotted throughout Cornwall are many self catering cottages, bed & breakfast’s and other lovely accommodation facilities. The sprawling rural landscape is great for an afternoon drive and a pleasant eye opener on your way to visit one of the many farms.

With some of the best weather in the United Kingdom, soaking up the sun is a favorite activity for the many tourists who love playing and relaxing on the beaches that make up the long coastline surrounding the county.

When visiting this area it’s best to indulge in many of the local attractions on offer. If you love fast paced events, it could be wise to time your holiday with the Boardmasters surf festival located in Newquay. With an impressive display of local talent, it’s an ideal way to spend an fun filled day at the beach with the family.

SS2105 : Parking outside the school grounds

If arts and museums are more your pace. then a visit to the Royal Cornwall Museum will keep you busy for the day. The museum is over 200 years old and has some impressive artifacts on display, like a 5000 year old jade axe and even an Egyptian mummy.

SX0045 : Woodland by the B road

SX4350 : Clock Tower, Kingsand