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Holiday cottages in North West England

North West England is an area of Britain encompassing populous urban areas including Greater Manchester and Liverpool. For many people looking for holiday destinations in the more rural parts of Britain, however, North West England is synonymous with the Lake District or ‘The Lakes’ as the region is also commonly known. Situated in the county of Cumbria in North West England, the Lake District is an area of outstanding natural beauty, with mountains, forests, valleys and lakes scattered throughout the region.

Accommodation is plentiful in the Lake District. You can find plenty of hotels and private houses offering bed and breakfast, or self catering accommodation options such as caravans, cottages for rent and other rental property accommodations. All offer comfortable and convenient surroundings, but an increasing number of visitors look for cottages to rent. The independence and freedom that a rented cottage with modern conveniences and facilities offers make it an irresistible choice for many visitors. High quality is typical of UK cottages available to rent, and this is especially true in the Lake District.

Counties in North West England:

As you’d expect, recreational activities in this region are highly popular and include: camping, hill-walking, rock climbing, caving, sailing, canoeing and much more. Tuition and guidance are available at all the ‘outdoor centres’, and any necessary equipment or clothing can be bought or rented at a reasonable cost. Always keep in mind that, despite its picture-postcard appeal, the Lake District can be a wild and hostile place for those unwise enough to attempt dangerous activities, such as diving, rock climbing or even hill walking without adequate skill or equipment. It can be temptingly easy to climb the mountains alone and unprepared, but if the weather suddenly changes when you’re two thousand foot up the side of a mountain, while wearing shorts and sandals you can expect trouble as the temperature plummets and visibility drops to almost zero. Don’t be the latest name added to the Mountain Rescue Service’s ‘idiot list’.

The Lake District is also known for its wide variety of wildlife. The lakes play host to countless species of waterfowl; the mountains are home to eagles, buzzards, harriers and falcons; and the forests shelter a wide range of animals including pine martens, otters and the rare and endangered red squirrel.

If you find you need a break from the country life, don’t forget that the great cities of Liverpool and Manchester are also in North West England and a relatively short drive or bus ride away from the Lake District. Both are world-renowned centres of popular culture and sport, boasting such luminaries as The Beatles, Oasis, Liverpool FC and Manchester United, to name just a few. In short, a self catering stay in a holiday cottage in North West England is well worth considering.