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Holiday cottages in Scarborough, North Yorkshire

TA0388 : Detail, George V postbox on Murchison Street, ScarboroughTA0388 : Houses on Franklin Street, ScarboroughTA0388 : Houses on Franklin Street, ScarboroughTA0388 : Scarborough MillTA0388 : Hoxton Road - NorthwayTA0388 : Raleigh Street, Scarborough
Scarborough has long been a popular holiday destination both for UK residents and those abroad. The broad number of attractions and activities means that a weekend in Scarborough can be anything, made to appeal to any holiday maker.

For those looking for a quiet getaway, Peasholm Park offers a serene and tranquil environment perfect for relaxed picnics in the summer sun. The beautifully maintain lake and lawns provide a picturesque setting in which to have a romantic or family lunch. Small children can feed the ducks whilst a small train opposite one of the parks takes you to the impressive Sea Life Centre.

There are numerous spas set in Scarborough for those tourists looking to unwind from the dramas of everyday life, whilst perhaps dropping the kids off at Scarborough’s indoor Playzone or the Military Adventure Park. For a more cultural break, be sure to visit one of the many museums and theatres littered around Scarborough, particularly the Stephen Joseph Theatre. Offering a wide range of performances it comes highly recommended.

The diverse range of sights in Scarborough mean that it caters to all, explaining its popularity. Be sure to book accommodation well in advance in the summer months and enjoy!

TA0388 : Rothbury Street, Scarborough

TA0388 : Costcutter store on Columbus Ravine, Scarborough

TA0388 : Victorian postbox on Raleigh Street, Scarborough