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Holiday cottages in Cambridgeshire

The county of Cambridgeshire, noted for its rolling countryside, gently flowing waterways, wildlife parks teeming with rich flora and fauna, and picture postcard towns, are a scenic delight, making it the perfect place for a truly relaxing and refreshing holiday.

A good way to soak in the scenic delights is by taking a cruise in the river, sitting back and watching the endless wave of undulating hills set amidst the expansive skies. Experience the charm of the tranquil villages, noted for their cute thatched cottages and tiny churches, with a pleasant pub lunch. Try your hand at fishing, cycling, or simply take a walk along the riverside to watch the impressive sunset. Alternatively, visit Wicken Fen, Britain’s oldest nature reserve, complete with a rich collection of wild ponies, otters, insects, and rare plants.

The best experience comes with enjoying such charming scenery in comfort and undertaking the activities at an unhurried pace. Renting a self-catering holiday cottage facilitates these to no small extent. A self-catering holiday cottage not only places you right in the middle of this charming countryside, allowing you to connect to nature in the best possible way, but also provides you unmatched flexibility to roam around at your own pace and convenience, away from the din of the urban sprawl, and free from the worries of touching base at civilization.