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Holiday cottages in Northamptonshire

SP7561 : Buildings on Barrack Road, NorthamptonSP7561 : SP7561 : Alliston GardensSP7561 : Northcote StreetSP7561 : The RacecourseSP7561 : Footshape Boot Works
Every place in England will have a particular claim to fame – a distinct flavour, something that helps it to stand out from all the other possible locations in the country. In the case of Northamptonshire, that vital essence is probably best summarised with one word: quaintness.

To start with, we have the county town of Northampton. A significant English location since the middle ages, the city is dotted with fascinating examples of historical architecture; it is a prime destination if you are looking for a place that is rich with history, with structures from across the centuries dotting the spectacular landscapes. But while it is easy to lose yourself in historical surroundings, we should not forget the modern culture: whether you are into bookshops or bars, daytime activities or nightlife, the cities of Northamptonshire will give you everything that you are looking for. This is a county with a thick atmosphere and a tight community that is most welcoming to visitors.

Elsewhere in the county we find all manner of picturesque rural locations, from quiet suburbs to rural villages. In some ways, it could be argued that Northamptonshire gathers together many of the best aspects of the British landscape and culture.

SP7561 : Art Nouveau window, Adelaide Street, Northampton

Because of this, Northamptonshire is a perfect location for a holiday cottage. People generally associate this sort of rental property with the seaside, but there are many inland locations which are just as good when it comes to finding cottages to rent.

SP7561 : Cathedral Church of Our Lady Immaculate and St Thomas of Canterbury

So, if you are looking for self catering accommodation in UK cottages, then why not pick Northamptonshire as your county of choice? No matter what you want from your holiday, you will find that a Northamptonshire cottage will be ideal. Do some research to find out what parts of the county have cottages for rent, and the rest will be plain sailing.

SP7561 : Corner of The Racecourse