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Holiday cottages in Leicestershire

The charming city of Leicester is located in the county of Leicestershire and boasts a long and rich history. People travel here from all over the United Kingdom and beyond to spend time soaking up the city’s atmosphere. Here are just a few things that make Leicester in Leicestershire, England – Holiday Cottage Destination such a great place to spend a holiday.

History buffs are sure to enjoy wandering around Leicester’s Roman remains. There are numerous ancient churches and other beautiful buildings to explore here. The city’s enchanting museums are also great places to visit, as they really make the history of this part of the world come to life.

One of the city’s main highlights has to be the magnificent St. Mary de Castro Church. Founded at the start of the 12th century, this was once a royal chapel. This church has been added to many times over the years, and is now one of the largest historic buildings in the whole of England. Particularly of note is the 15th century roof, which has been constructed from wood.

Leicester is a university city, which means that it comes complete with a rich and vibrant nightlife scene. There are numerous pubs and clubs to be found here, while people that like to dine in style will be able to take their pick from cuisine from all over the globe. Evening entertainment also comes in the form of plays and live music.