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Holiday cottages in Derbyshire

SK0673 : Gently flow the WyeSK0673 : Buxton:  The 'Railway'SK3535 : Derby: the nurses' home coming downSK3535 : Derby : London Road A5194SK3535 : Cast street nameplateSK2959 : Matlock Dale from St John's Road
The romance of Derbyshire is that it is easy to get to, but quickly absorbs you in its rural scenic beauty, with its peaks, its caves and its rugged and entrancing natural landscape. There are few better ways to enjoy the great outdoors than by renting a holiday cottage in Derbyshire, to experience what the locals, and a loyal arm of regular return visitors already know – it’s a simply spectacular place.

Derbyshire is situated in the heart of the picturesque Peak District, making it a wonderful destination for a staycation break.
The attractions are endless, but a trip there should not go by without a visit to the World Heritage Site within the Peak District National Park. This is situated across a 15-mile area from entrancing Matlock Bath to the county town of Derby, and comprises the Derwent Valley Mills – where the modern factory system of cotton spinning began in the 1700s.

One of the joys of holidaying in a self-catering cottage is the flexibility it offers, meaning you can spend all day exploring the charming villages and towns, then dine in hearty style at a traditional pub – talking care not to doze off in front of the open fire!
It is a good idea to time your Derbyshire trip to coincide with the year-round programme at the magnificent Buxton Opera House. Built in 1903, this lovely building hosts all manner of events.

SK2959 : Plenty of space

The kids will love the chance to explore a real cave – in Castleton you can take an underground boat in Speedwell Cavern, or count the stalagmites in Treak Cliff cavern or the Blue John Caves. Whether you are looking for a relaxing cottage break with superb views, or something more adventurous and sporty for the family, the potential and opportunities in Derbyshire are almost endless.

SK0673 : The Prince of Wales, Buxton

SK3535 : Former Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, London Road, Derby