Swimming Pool holiday cottages

Expand Map When you envision a holiday cottage, certain images will naturally come to mind. Perhaps you are used to a rental property that is more rustic than modern. You may instead have fond memories of a childhood when electricity was not even available. However, times have indeed changed. While such cottages to rent can still be found, self-catering accommodation in modern times is defined by convenience and in many cases, even luxury. A perfect example of this trend can be seen in the fact that many cottages for rent will offer you the enviable ability to enjoy a swimming pool. Let’s examine the types of pools and the benefits that can be experienced.

In general, a property will either have a swimming pool located in a private garden (catering to the specific cottage) or a community pool. Each will have its own set of benefits. For instance, a private swimming pool is great for families and couples that wish to get away from the masses and experience a bit of peace. Still, community pools are also ideal. These are generally supervised by a trained lifeguard; ensuring the safety of all swimmers. For those with children, this is great to get a bit of “alone time” that may be lacking in everyday life.

Especially during the summer and in the south of England, UK cottages can become quite hot and humid; making them particularly uncomfortable for children and the elderly. While this is a far cry from a brutal winter, hiking or jogging may not be very enjoyable under these conditions. So, a nearby swimming pool will offer obvious benefits. Taking a cool dip in the water is an excellent way to cool off under the midday sun or before joining friends for dinner. Also, larger pools will enable you to even play games such as water volleyball and other activities. No longer will you be forced to “rough it” while on holiday. If you choose, a pool is an excellent addition that is perfectly suited for you, your family and any friends who may be joining you.

Swimming pools are becoming more popular within many properties throughout the United Kingdom. Cottages to rent that offer this benefit are also some of the most desirable, so it always a good idea to plan any bookings early (especially during the summer months).