Open Fire holiday cottages

Expand Map If you are planning on renting a holiday cottage to indulge in a bit or relaxation, there will be several factors to consider. For example, the size, location and cost of the rental property will need to be carefully balanced with the advantages you can expect to enjoy during your visit. One of the most traditional (and fun) features that some UK cottages will offer is the ability to experience an open fire. However, why are these fire pits so desirable and what makes them one of the perfect choices when planning a future getaway?

Naturally, any children will need to be supervised around any fire but still, what child does not love to sit with his or her parents under the stars and stare into a well-built fire pit? From roasting marshmallows to simply sitting and staring into the flames, every child loves a good fire. In fact, you likely already have your own memories of the very same holidays when you were young.

You may be planning on catering to a great number of guests when booking your cottage. Although many properties are very spacious, it is no secret that one of the main benefits of any self-catering accommodation is the ability to take in a bit of fresh air. Open fires will allow you and your visitors to remain outdoors and if you have a bit of culinary skill, a barbecue is well within reason. While this has been a tradition in the United States for centuries, this form of outdoor cooking has certainly become a part of English culture as well.

You may also be the type who enjoys “roughing it” a bit when on holiday. Barring setting up camp miles from home, an open fire will enable you to get back in touch with nature while knowing that if the rain does come in, shelter is nearby. So, it is understandable why cottages for rent that offer an open fire are some of the most popular throughout the country. Combining comfort with warmth and a bit of raw mother nature, an open fire pit is ideal for many circumstances.

Still, there are a limited number of cottages to rent that will provide this benefit and it is always a good idea to shop around to discover the size of the fire pit and any other nearby attractions that can likewise be enjoyed.