Flowers Vs Retreat this Valentine's Day

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It is well known that Valentines Day can baffle even the most organised of minds (and dare we say it, be more stressful than Christmas!) but whether in a relationship or still looking for that one true love, it’s needless to say that the question still remains; What do they want for Valentines Day?
Now, its safe to say that 99% of the population will do the same as we always do in the yearly ritual for our loved one; go and get trodden on in the day before V-Day rush. We can trawl through as many bits of card as we want with the same old cliché messages; ‘Love you loads baby’ or Forever yours hunny’ but that doesn’t solve the issue of finding the perfect gift.

“My boyfriend definitely got more than he bargained for when he gave me the gift of a weekend away! Flowers are so old school!”

Editor of have been investigating this burning question and statistics show that 70% of women would rather go on a romantic weekend away than receive flowers. That’s right…you heard correctly! Gone are the days of taking her breath away with a bunch of red roses; its all about wooing her with stunning views, fireplace frivolity and making unforgettable memories. Not only is this gift very personal but you get to enjoy it to, so get ready to loosen those purse strings. Relaxing in front of the fireplace with a glass of your favourite tipple, taking romantic strolls under crisp, blue winter skies and exploring new sites are just the tip of the iceberg!

Peaceful retreats are right at the top of the list for getaways this Valentines and so to make easy, have devised the top 5 destinations in the UK to travel to to impress your lover. No excuses, just pure bliss!

Aberdeenshire came in first place, above the likes of Devon, Moray and North Yorkshire with a whopping 45% of the cottages having roaring log fires and a voted for romance rating of 3 out of 3! So, why is Aberdeenshire the top of the tree when it comes to the UK’s most romantic spots? Beautiful all year round, Aberdeen is a majestic county of Scotland, that boasts amazing architecture and cultural statements. Surrounding the Cairngorms and famous for its fantastic scenery, Aberdeen offers thrilling walking locations, giving you the best excuse to cuddle up with your own roaring fire.Due to the time of year, there’s a good chance it may snow but don’t worry, she’ll love it and it’ll just add to the romantic ambience!

With luxury holiday cottages available all across the UK, have selected ten of the most indulgent and atmospheric stays so you don’t have to!

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