Set the mood this Valentines Day!

Christmas Holiday Cottages

It’s only 2 weeks until Valentines Day; at this point you either groaned or a smile crept across your face! It is definitely one of those holidays that sits on the fence with the amount of likes versus the amount of dislikes but if you’re like me and love the thought of being wined and dined, then you’re going to love this years festivities! 

As Holiday Cottage proved with their latest article (Flowers vs Retreat), the stats show that a long weekend retreat was the way to go when it came to romantic gestures, and with this, I have put together a few must-have getaway extras for you to delve into this day of love.

Sometimes it’s the little things…

Setting the mood can be tricky, especially if the weekend away is a surprise. If you’re planning to spend the special night in with your other half, then here are a few things you can do to spice it up!

  • A way to everyones heart is through their stomach (or so they say) so nothing spells love like a home cooked meal. You don’t need to be the next Jamie Oliver to get experimental in the kitchen… heart shaped quiches do the job just as well. Its a cheaper and more thoughtful way of surprising them!
  • Decorate the holiday cottage with candles to set the mood. Not only is dimmed lighting more romantic but it also stops them from seeing that piece of herb stuck in your tooth!
  • Don’t forget the slushy DVDs. A sloppy film in front of the fire after dinner is always a great way to let the food go down. Most of the cottages suggested are within arms length of a supermarket (just incase the DVDs weren’t at the top of the packing priority list) so there is always the option of letting them pick a new one!
  • Celebrate with their favourite tipple! Whether they have a craving for champagne or a whistle wet for wine, add this to the list of surprises for a tasty treat!

And sometimes it’s the bigger things…

If a night in isn’t for you then planning a great night out can be just the key to impress. What do you need to consider when pulling out all the stops? We have the answers!

  • As previously mentioned, it’s only 2 weeks away from the big day so ensuring your seats at a restaurant is the key to getting that table for two. Being away from home, you may not know a lot about the local surroundings when it comes to eateries so checking out Trip Advisor is a great way to find out others opinions about their favourites!
  • If you or your partner are massive fans of the arts, then shop around for tickets to close-by theatre productions, cinema shows and live music events. A fantastic way to explore each others interests whilst being throughly entertained!
  • Throw the glad rags on and hit the town for a frivolous night of late night boogying! Those moves are sure to thrill…

Whatever your plans this Valentines Day, be sure to book a gorgeous, self catering holiday cottage for a once in a lifetime weekend!

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