Family fun for less than £500!


Have you been avoiding the subject of next year’s family holiday?

With the economy being the way it is and all of us tightening our already snug belts, the thought of spending out thousands on a break is impossible for many. At Holiday Cottage our holiday cottage rentals don’t have to cost the Earth and we have many for the whole family for under £500 a week!

Now we know that lying on a Mediterranean beach has its perks but when you factor in the cost of getting there with the kids, is it really something you should be doing? The days of a cheap holiday in the Med are long gone as are those mysterious ‘cheap’ flights which always seem to magically disappear just as the school’s break up. Add on the cost of travel insurance for you all and extras like car hire, it’s starting to all look a bit of a chore rather than a holiday. Factor in the stress of getting a dog-sitter, then getting you, your kids and luggage to the airport, facing delays and arriving at your destination in the middle of the night to be greeted by a room or apartment about half the size it said in the brochure…Sounds like fun doesn’t it?! Obviously it isn’t always like this but speaking from experience, it can and may well happen just when you need a holiday the most!

Overlooking the UK for a holiday destination spot is a problem we all share. The UK is and always will be a wonderful place for a family holiday by the seaside and here’s precisely why.

First off the UK really is a green and pleasant land (thank you William Blake you really hit the nail on the head with this phrase!). Yes it does rain here… but that means our coast and countryside is lush and alive with wildlife rather than dried up and dusty (sorry Med!). A day spent building sandcastles on the beach, delving into rock pools, learning to surf, eating fish and chips and watching the sun go down is one of the joys of holidaying in this country. Wherever you are in the UK, the furthest you can be from the coast is 2 hours. This has got to beat a six hour plane journey with airport shenanigans either side!

The UK’s coastline is so varied and full of picturesque sandy coves, harbour towns and villages, wide expansive surfing beaches, rugged valleys and breathtaking Lochs, why wouldn’t you want your family to see these beautiful areas right on your doorstep?

The list of lovely coastal resorts in the UK is huge but to name a few; the Cornish gems of Padstow and St Ives, the chic Suffolk seaside towns of Aldeburgh and Southwold, the stunning Welsh coast of Pembrokeshire and the glorious Scottish coastline with it’s breathtaking lochs and wildlife.

Here are just a few to show what you, your other half and the kids could be enjoying at a fraction of the cost, stress and journey time this summer.


Love holidays? Love the UK!

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