Top Tips for Group Holidays

group holiday

Group holidays can be some of the best fun you can have but they can also be fraught with problems if you are not prepared. We have highlighted some of the potential problem areas when thinking about a group self-catering break along with possible solutions.

Booking your Holiday Cottage

When booking your dream holiday cottage, think about the type of property that is likely to best suit all of your party. How many bedrooms is the minimum that will work? How many bathrooms and WCs? Would some of the kids mind sharing a room? If there are teenagers in the group then would a cottage with a games room be a good option? Many properties have two or more reception rooms which is great when adults and kids want to spend time apart. Think about whether you want a property close to a town and its shops and bars etc or whether you would all prefer a rural retreat.


The source of many a tiff on self-catering holidays. If you plan on eating in most days then it might be a good idea to plan meals ahead of your holiday. This might seem a bit over the top but if there are lots of different dietary requirements or just fussy eaters in the group then deciding ahead will save a lot of time. Getting all the food you are going to need delivered to your holiday cottage is a great idea also. The major supermarkets have most of the UK covered now in terms of home delivery so research into which ones deliver to the area your cottage is in and get shopping!

Meal times can be tricky when you have toddlers, hungry teenagers and grand-parents all wanting to eat at different times. Decide ahead of the holiday who is going to eat when and then decide who are going to be the lucky chefs! In our experience the most capable and willing chefs stand out in a group but getting everyone to do their bit is a good idea so everyone has a holiday from cooking at some point throughout the holiday.Washing up and general clearing of the dining room etc could be decided by a rota type system to make it fair on everyone.

Out and About

Finding activities that everyone will want to do at the same time is sometimes a losing battle. It is best to just accept that there will be days when the whole group may not want to do the same thing and might split up for all or part of the day. Having some private time as a couple or family away from the group is not a bad thing. Offering to babysit each other’s kids a few times throughout the holiday is a great idea for Mums and Dads in need of a night out alone.

Finding day trips for the whole group to enjoy doesn’t always have to involve spending money on expensive entrance fees to tourist attractions. Simply packing a picnic and going for a walk to somewhere none of you have ever been can be a great and economical adventure. Differing budgets needn’t be an obstacle to a great group holiday.

If you have any more top tips for group holidays we would love to hear them.

Happy holidaying!

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